Wow….just wow!

There is SO MUCH TO TELL regarding the show, I just don’t have time to tell it all right now!  I did a significant re-vamp in early January this year and moved to a new platform, that being a local internet radio station:

AstroNet Radio

I haven’t formally abandoned (I was always impressed by the quality of their customer service!)…….I just don’t think I need two ‘addresses’ right now!



Episode 3 sites

The name ‘Nerd Central’ doesn’t really do this site justice.  This guy gets into some HEAVY stuff regarding using computers for sound/music…..and I mean, heavy! It’s sort of a strange combination of theory, philosophy and science………this one little post is about using Audacity (and who doesn’t love them some Audacity, huh?)……. but he’s got loads of stuff (85% of which I can hardly comprehend, but its still cool to read!).

…and speaking of Audacity hacks, you did know you could use that great little bit of free software to make ringtones, didn’t you?  What? You didn’t know that? Well, learn more here:

[More sites to be added soon pertaining to Episode 3]